Helpful Hints   




  • First week – give 3 raisins daily
  • Second week – give 2 raisins daily
  • 1 per day after that as a treat if you wish
  • Feed the feed from the previous ranch for about a week and then mix ½ and ½ with your feed to make a gradual change
  • Do not use automatic watering system at first if they are used to water bottles.  Put a bottle on until they learn to use the water system.




  • Check Feed and Water 
  • Give a small piece of hay daily as needed
  • Watch droppings for any changes
  • Give Dust Bath a couple times a week




  • Change shavings every week – 10 days (depending on your air flow and humidity). You may also wish to spot clean the dirty areas in lieu of changing the whole cage at times.
  • Wash and replace bottles.  It is handy to have extra water bottles on hand so that you can replace empties with a clean filled bottle.  Then wash the extras and refill to have ready when needed. 




  • Store feed and hay in plastic garbage containers to keep fresh (leaving in original bag).  Put some in a smaller container to use from on a daily basis. 
  • Store extra feed, hay, etc. on a pallet off the floor and away from the wall to prevent mold. 
  • Keep a radio playing on a quiet radio station. 
  • Every month or so – wipe out shaving pans with a disinfectant.  On our ranch we wash and repaint all our shavings pans once a year during the summer months.  All metal parts may then be painted with Rustoleum type paint – spray aluminum to make them last longer.




  • Leave the male closed in his own cage for the first week 
  • Let the male run in the runway for 10 days – 2 weeks to get acquainted 
  • Open jumphole of the most calm or friendly female first – observe to see they get along – you may put a dust bath in for the first few hours 
  • Open the other females a day or two apart until all are open 
  • Open jump holes EARLY IN THE DAY when they are most quiet




  • After babies are born put an extra water bottle in the cage for refuge (one 16oz bottle is fine for up to 4 babies) 
  • Check babies daily to see if their tummy is full (hold upside down by tail and feel tummy)  
  • After 3rd day close the male out and remove the bottle. 
  • Dusting mother and babies is usually not a problem.  You might refrain the day of littering or until jumphole is closed if you wish. 
  • Wean babies at 6 weeks and re open jumphole 
  • Leave litter mates together for companionship for several weeks up to a month or so unless they fight over the feed.  Single litters may be weaned together for a few weeks…if same sex, mark in one ear to identify from each other and put that mark on their pen card.  



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