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We have raised Chinchilla for over 40 years and Chinchilla has been our total livelihood since 1972. We are always eager and willing to share our expertise and knowledge with others; be it a fellow rancher, hobby breeder or just answering questions to help a pet owner.


We are very proud to be considered by many as the top herd in the Chinchilla Industry.  Ranchers worldwide have come to us on a regular basis for Herd Improvement stock to enhance their own herds.  It is very gratifying to watch their herds improve with our bloodlines.


Ralph has been an Empress Sanctioned Judge since 1979.  He has enjoyed judging throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Germany.  He also enjoys working with newer ranchers to help them learn the characteristics of our beautiful animal.


Ralph and Barbara were each inducted in the Chinchilla Breeders Hall Of Fame in 1994 for their “breeding of Superior Quality Chinchillas and their untiring devotion to the industry.’’


Ralph and Barbara have presented many seminars worldwide on such topics as breeding quality animals, ranch management, mating animals, teaching characteristics of Chinchillas, show preparation and pelting.


Ralph served on the Empress National Board for 17 years and has been active on the Ohio Branch level since joining Empress and presently serves as its President.  Barbara wrote the Ohio Branch Newsletter for many, many years and has served as the Ohio Branch Secretary for several decades.  Her expertise on pelting has helped ranchers worldwide produce a quality product.


Ralph has served on the Chinchilla Industry Council since its inception and served as its Secretary from March 1980 until November 2000. He also served as its Treasure from Jan 1991 thru February 2001.


We have been active members of the Ohio Branch of ECBC since the 1970’s. Over the years we have hosted many ECBC National Shows and Annual Meetings.  Thru the Ohio Branch we also hosted several large seminars with noted speakers in the industry at the time.  For many years we attended 5 meetings per month throughout Ohio and surrounding states...we enjoyed working with a large number of ranchers on a regular basis.  Our Branch also held 2-3 field days per year in addition to a pelt show and the ECBC State Sanctioned Show each December.


All of our years in this industry have been dedicated to developing some of the finest quality Chinchilla available worldwide in the Dark and Extra Dark Standard phases and Black Velvets.  In the past year or two we have also started working with a few Beige and Whites in hopes of improving their overall quality.  Our herd consists of 90% standard animals.  It is a known fact that quality standard animals are the backbone of a quality herd.


It is our firm belief that although the Chinchilla Industry is continuing to evolve that we can continue to be a help to all ranchers, be they ranchers who continue to provide the world with quality Chinchilla pelts or the hobby breeder who wishes to raise the best quality they can to compete on the show table. 


Let us know how we can help you with your endeavor in the Chinchilla industry.




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