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In this section you will find articles we have written throughout the years plus helpful hints that may be of interest to you.  Please check back often as we will continue to add information for you.


We will try to cover all aspects of our industry…including pelt production for those interested in this phase of our industry. 


We respect the rights of those that choose to raise Chinchillas only as a hobby or to show.  We ask that you also respect the rights of those ranchers who have loved and raised this animal for decades as fur producers.  Without the fur production ranchers there would be no Chinchillas today for you to love and enjoy.  Fur production ranchers continuously improve the quality of our breed and have helped save this animal from total extinction.  


Again, we ask your respect for ALL ranchers of Chinchilla… regardless of their reason for ranching.  The important thing is that we encourage all breeders of Chinchilla to do so in a humane way and therefore recommend the Chinchilla Ranch Certification Program as developed by ECBC, MCBA, NCBC and CIC jointly.  See the Empress website for further information.



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Gestation Chart

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Chinchilla as a Business

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Hand-feeding Babies

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Fresh Air

Setting Up Exhaust System


Ranch Maintenance

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