BY DR. JAMES LAURIDSEN - 1985

We are including this article written by Dr. James Lauridsen back in 1985.  Dr. Lauridsen was well known for his love of the mutation Chinchilla and he wrote up this guideline at that time to help everyone understand the different combinations of the mutation Chinchilla.  Rather than retyping this article I have scanned and inserted it's pages.  Please note that some pages are a little crooked - that is the way the copy we have was printed.  I decided not to take the time to retype the whole article, not wanting to make an error in doing so.


Again, this is not a recommendation to mix all the colors.  We are providing Dr. Lauridsen's article to help you see the evolution of the Mutation Chinchilla.  Many of the 'new' colors are really just old combinations which have been renamed.

We caution a young/novice breeder in mixing in the recessives - working with the dominants you see what has been produced once the babies are born.  Many recessive 'carriers' show no real sign if they truly are a recessive or not.  We have seen times in the past where people have been taken advantage of.  Please be cautious in your quest for a 'carrier'.   

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