Catching Animals On the Run         

Every ranch on occasion has that animal that always seems to escape itís cage.  There are several means of tracking them down --- you can spend hours chasing them from corner to corner; you can catch them with a long-handled fish net (either scoop them up or simply drop the net over them and then catch the tail and take the net off) or make a trap to leave out in the room.

The animals have source of feed on the floor, but by evening will be thirsty. Just hang a bottle of water on the trap door cage and you will find your animal in the cage the next morning.


On a large operation, having traps in the rooms on a regular basis enables you to many times catch an animal you may not even know is missing.


If you arenít handy enough to make a trap Ė any small animal live trip can be used.



             Trap door open                                       Trap door closed

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