While visiting a fellow rancher, we observed him treating an animal with some vitamins.  It became apparent to us that what is common sense to one person' another might not even realize the importance of.

When administering anything to an animal with an eye dropper (vitamins, laxative tonic, antibiotics, etc.) IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE to follow specific guidelines.  One must NEVER dip a dirty eyedropper into the bottle being used!  Think about it - every animal has a bacteria level, whether it is healthy or a greater level if it is sick.

A medium especially like vitamins, etc. is a very good growing medium for even the lowest bacteria to start growing.  If the bottle is closed back up and maybe not used again for a month, or two or even six - think of the hot case of bacteria that has been allowed to grow and that you will be giving the next animal you treat.

A good rule to follow is to always pour a small amount of the liquid being used into another small container (such as a spare bottle lid) and then dip the eyedropper repeatedly into it.  When finished, dispose of what is left in the lid or container (DO NOT pour back left overs back into the bottle) and wash the eyedropper with soap and water.  The can be sterilized by boiling a couple minutes in hot water.

The question of whether to use the same eyedropper for several animals was also brought up.  If, for instance, you were giving several healthy animals a dose of vitamins (or babies milk), it would not hurt to use the same eyedropper, but NEVER use an eyedropper on a second animal if the first treated was sick.  It is the same common sense a person uses at home - you don't eat with the same utensils as a sick person nor drink from their glass.

So, be on the safe side - always use a clean eyedropper and NEVER did an eyedropper into the bottle of liquid - be it vitamins, laxative tonic, antibiotic, etc.

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