Setting Up An Exhaust Blower


Here are some pictures showing how an exhaust blower works.


Use a dryer vent with a flap through a window or basement wall.  You can replace a window pane with wood and inset that way or put in through the wall as you would for a dryer.


Use dryer vent hose to attach to the blower.  A flap over the actual blower can adjust the amount of flow.


Winter time…drop hose to exhaust from the floor (so you won’t loose your heating)


Summer time…put hose at the ceiling to exhaust (so you won’t loose your cooling)


This will keep the air mixed properly




This picture shows a set up to move air from one end of a long room to the other internally through a pipe or in this case a box that the lights are attached on.  This moves the cool or warm air from back to front in the room helping to keep an even temperature throughout.

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