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Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative acknowledged a
Master Breeder Category in 2001.

It was an accumlation of National Show Winnings
from 1970 to 2001...over 30 years.

Points were figured on the basis of points earned for the following awards
received at each National Show during that time period.

1st Breeder Award or High Point Pelt Award - 5 points
2nd Breeder Award or High Point Pelt Award - 4 points
3rd Breeder Award or High Point Pelt Award - 3 points

Grand Show Champion or Best Pelt - 3 points
Reserve Grand Show Champion or 2nd Best Pelt - 2 points
Third Best of Show or 3rd Best Pelt - 1 point

acknowledged were

1st Place - Ralph Shoots - 396 points
2nd Place - Vin Somavia - 264 points
3rd Place - Bowen Chinchilla - 201 points
4th Place - Jim Ritterspach - 157 points
5th Place - Dick Bradford - 95 points

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