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We have many very nice Chinchillas of various colors and ages available at all times....Ready to go.

Unlike those with just a few Chinchilla, we have more animals available than we have time to take pictures of and keep updated.

For this reason we have taken random pictures of different colors and ages to show the various colors that we usually have on hand.

Please give us a call at 614-855-1762 (or send us an email) telling us what you are looking for, with your phone number, so we can be more specific in answering your questions one on one.

We welcome you to set a time to visit and pick out what you like the best.







No two whites are alike - they can be mostly white, white with dark guard hair (silver), small spots to large spots.









TAN / EBONY              



We have found after more than 40 years of raising Chinchillas that they are most comfortable in a small cage made of natural materials like wood.  Being a very shy animal they feel more secure in a 'natural' surrounding.

Many people will purchase a huge cage for them and then put in a little wooden box - finding that this is where the animal will spend a lot of it's time as it feels more secure.

We have a very nice 'starter cage' which is a size that has been used for years by ranchers.  It is more than adequate for a single animal, two animals or a mated pair with their babies till weaning time.

Country to what some may believe, there is plenty of room for the animal(s) to hop around and get plenty of exercise.

While it may not be large enough for all the 'toys' available today, such as; Wheels, hammocks, ladders, etc., it is a cage that your new pet(s) will feel secure in during the early months as you and your new Chinchilla get used to each other.

If you decide to purchase a large cage from the beginning, keep in mind that the Chinchilla will be first overwhelmed by the open environment.  Place a small box (wood or cardboard) for the Chinchilla to hide in.  If it has several levels, perhaps close the upper levels off until you and your Chinchilla have acclimate with each other and you are able to easily catch it to take it out.

If you have a male and a female and are hoping for babies -- remember -- a new baby can escape from any cage with openings larger than 1/2" x 1".  Keep this in mind when looking for a wire cage.

There are many fancy cages and house available today - these are fine if you don't mind the cost, however, we believe that they are more for the enjoyment of the owner to watch their animal.

Most 'toys' are fine; But caution should be used with some wheels which have been known to catch legs and injure animals.

Another item to think about is the plastic balls used for animals to run around a room.  Keep in mind that a Chinchilla is heavily furred and could become overheated in such a ball.

Do they need something to chew on?  Not really.

Normal chewing and eating of their feed and hay is adequate to keep a Chinchilla's teeth healthy and of normal size.  There is no need purchase expensive pumice blocks or wooden items to chew on.  Just go to a home center like Lowe's or Home Depot, and look in the the scrap barrel in the lumber section for pieces of a pine 2 x 4.  Put one in the cage and they will be happy chewing on this.  Keep in mind they also like to eat their pine shavings and do have fun with occasional chunks of wood in them.

Another item, if you feel you must have, is a piece of marble some call a 'chiller'.  While looking for your scraps of 2 x 4's, check in the flooring section for damaged ceramic or marble tiles.

Be sure your cage has a pan in the bottom for shavings.  We do not like the cages that have the animal sitting on a wire bottom.  Upper shelves are fine, but they need to have an area with shavings to spend mos of their time.

Bedding should be a good quality kiln dried pine shaving.  The fluffier ones are lest apt to be kicked out of the cage and are more absorbent.

The best feeders are attached to the side of the cage and filled from the outside.  Bowls sitting in a cage are hard to fill and the animals tend to sit in them leaving droppings and urine in their feed.

We find a feeder attached to the side of the cage which allows you to fill it from the outside is very handy.  Always place the feeder a reasonable height from the bottom of the cage so that the animal can stand and eat from and won't be tempted to sit in. Don't worry - babies are very adept to climbing up the wire to reach it.

A large 16 oz bottle with a bracket and straight stem that attaches on the outside of the cage is also a lot easier to work with.

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